Sunday, October 14, 2012

My review of Rare Pearls

I will always be thankful for any new material released on the J5! I'm a huge fan and love the impact these kids had on the world. Over the years, we've heard there were some 469 songs recorded w/ Motown. I hope that number is inaccurate...we want more, no doubt! However, I purchased the collection yesterday and have finished listening. I'm very confident my thoughts may change over time, in my opinion here's my analysis.

Disc 1
1. (We're The) Music Makers - No

2. If The Shoe Don't Fit – OK, good bounce

3. Come And Get It (Love's On The Fire) – No. A bit reminiscent of Redbone’s “Come And Get Your Love”…there is a distinct guitar lick in the J5’s intro (:00 -:06) mark that can be found in Redbone just before the 1:07 mark. Redbone pay up!

4. I Got A Sure Thing – very mature selection for the 5ive, although Michael exudes a deep soul during the chorus. 

5. After You Leave Girl – this track reminds me of The Four Tops, “Wish I Didn’t Love You So” from their Now LP

6. Mama Told Me Not To Come – funny, a true experiment. 

7. Iddinit – clever track, like the horns. Potential b-side.

8. Since I Lost My Baby – nice piece of work. Jermaine’s husky soul in the early years is priceless.

9. Keep An Eye – good exchange between MJ and Jermaine, not much else to go on.

10. Movin' – goin’ nowhere.

11. Feelin' Alright studio version- a highlight for me. Excellent cover. Would’ve been a great add to the ABC lp.

12. You Better Watch Out – not much here, lacks punch. 

13. I'm Your Sunny One (He's My Sunny Boy) – MJ rides the rhythm on this one! Another track that should’ve made an LP.

14. Someone's Standing In My Love Light – MJ and his mimic of Levi Stubbs, a “7 Rooms of Gloom” feel. Not bad, I like it.

Disc 2
1. If You Want Heaven – I like this one, wish they would’ve not cut the fade so soon. The Four Tops “Same ‘Ol Song”.

2. You Can't Hurry Love – not sure where this one fits.

3. Keep Off The Grass – cute lyrics, not much else. 

4. Going My Way – Jermaine takes charge on this one, voice is more mature. Possibly a nice add to his solo LP or the Lookin’ Through The Windows LP.

5. Makin' Life A Little Easier For You – a good hand clappin’ track.

6. Up On The Roof – A happy-go-lucky type of track. 

7. If I Can't Nobody Can – Another highlight for me. 1972…? Hmm…MJ’s voice sounds like ’73 era. Would’ve been a great lead single from the Skywriter LP.

8. Our Love – doesn’t grab me, however could’ve been a filler on Jermaine’s self-titled LP in ’72. 

9. I Can't Get Enough Of You – a great foot stomper.

10. Cupid – a no brainer Valentine’s Day release. Joyful Jukebox Music.

11. Let's Go Back To Day One – I don’t know, I feel like Jermaine should’ve sung this one.

12. Would Ya Would Ya Baby – clever, could’ve been a great song in concert. Soul clap!

13. Love Trip – I’m waiting for Michael to say “Euphoria” on this one. Very mellow and dreamy track.

14. Label Me Love – I actually LOVE this one! Should’ve been released on Skywriter or re-recorded in late ’74, early ’75 for MJ’s Forever, Michael LP.

15. Jumbo Sam – Was there indecision between this one and The Boogie Man?

Bonus Tracks
16. That's How Love Is original complete version – this one will have to grow on me.

17. If I Have To Move A Mountain original complete version –Very nice, either one could’ve been on the LTTW LP.

18. Mama's Pearl demo ("Guess Who's Making Whoopee") – the beat alone is killer!!!