Jan 16 -- Forever Michael is released

Feb 6 -- "We're Almost There / Take Me Back" (Motown 1341) is released

Feb 6-12 -- Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY

Mar 8 -- Kingston, Jamaica

Mar 16 -- The J5 are guests on The Cher Show

April 9-18 -- MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada

April 29 -- "Just a Little Bit of You / Dear Michael" (Motown 1349) is released

May 15 -- Moving Violation is released

May 28 -- Jackie, Tito, Marlon, Michael, Randy, and Joe Jackson sign a contract with CBS Records. Jermaine refuses to sign

June 10 -- "Forever Came Today / All I Do is Think of You" (Motown 1356) is released

June 26 -- The Jackson 5 play baseball with the staff of the Nanuet Star Theater to promote their upcoming week-long engagement

June 30 -- The Jacksons hold a press conference at the Rainbow Grill in Manhattan to announce that they will be leaving Motown for CBS when their contract expires in March 1976

June 30-July 5 -- Nanuet Star Theater, Nanuet, New York

July 15 -- The Jackson 5 perform "Forever Came Today" and "Body Language" on the Carol Burnett Show

Aug 16 -- Marlon secretly marries Carol Parker in a private ceremony in Las Vegas

Sept 1 -- Mount Vernon Memorial Stadium, Mount Vernon, NY

Nov 15 -- The Jackson 5 make an appearance at an all-star salute to Muhammad Ali, but do not perform, much to the crowd's dismay


Dates documented in local Black newspapers and press clippings of the era. Thanks to my friends at MJJVault for help in pulling together the chronology, especially Justin, Corey, Chris, LKizzle, Jaorecords, Jaywonder, EZ, and the hostess with the most-est, Christina. And a special thanks to the old-school fan and chronologist, Tony, who started it all.