Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jackie's Not So Bored

It may be old news by now, but apparently while J5Collector was on vacation, Jackie launched his own website -- finally -- at

The site looks good, although his discography needs some work. So far as I know, "Love Don't Want to Leave" was never released anywhere as a single, and the scan they show above it is my own crummy black and white scan of the 45 "Thanks to You," released on the Brazilian label Tapecar. (Jackie, if you need research help, call me.)

On the more recent single front, Jackie has released a brand new song "We Know What's Going On" -- but only in Canada, Mexico, Australia, Europe, UK, and Japan. Sorry, U.S. fans. Guess it's payback time for not having that single release in 1973.

CORRECTION: Jackie's single saw an American release the week before. Glad to know he doesn't hold a grudge after all.


  1. Jackie's new single "We Know What's Going On" was released in the U.S. the week before it was released internationally. Not only that, he was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show as Oprah's teenage crush. He helped set up a surprise visit to Oprah in her office that was spectacular, then he took her on a date that was broadcast on her show, Thursday November 4th. Here's a link to the spectacular footage of him surprising the heck out of Oprah!

  2. Wow, thanks, Anon! That's what you miss when you go off the grid. I'm glad to hear Jackie's single got US release, and will download it tonight from iTunes.

    I remember Oprah saying in her long-ago interview with Michael that she had wanted to marry Jackie Jackson when she was a little girl. Nice that she finally got her dream date. (Jermaine: are you listening?)

  3. If you want the actual video footage of the entire Oprah visit, I can send it to you. It's better than the footage Oprah has on her site because when it broadcast, you could hear and see the audience reaction and it was just beautiful. I also have the date portion. The whole thing is 10:52 (10 minutes, 52 seconds). If you say yes, I'll direct message you my email address on twitter. Follow "GeoValentine" on twitter to receive my direct message.

    Jackie had a MAGNIFICENT week with his website going up, the single being released and then the Oprah broadcast. I hope the momentum continues.

  4. Yes, thanks, Anon! I thought I had set the dvr, but didn't.

  5. Two things to know, you have to follow me (even if its temporary) for me to send you the direct message. Also, I snagged a good copy off of YouTube before Oprah's company grabbed it off for copyright, and the person who taped it did a pretty good quality job for internet video. Follow me at

    Then I'll DM you my email.