Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Exclusive! On Tour in Africa with the Jackson 5"

Blues & Soul, a British music magazine, had the best coverage I've found to date of the J5's trip to Africa. Reporter Kwame Brathwaite offered a detailed, up-close-and-personal account of the trip he took to the Motherland aboard Pan Am Flight 184 with the Jackson 5.

Brathwaite was not just a reporter and photographer, but also a J5 fan, so he gives us all sorts of interesting details about what the trip was like. His photos offer the same level of intimacy. I love his portraits of Randy and Jermaine, playing an acoustic guitar. He also doesn't shy away from discussing politics, something most other reporters avoided.

The color photograph used as the centerfold poster was taken shortly after the Jackson 5 arrived in Dakar. Here they pose with promoter, Johnny Secka.

And just who was Johnny Secka? Tune in tomorrow.

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