Friday, February 4, 2011

Show and Tell with the Jackson 5

I know it's hard to believe but after the Jackson 5 returned from Dakar, they visited a public school in Los Angeles to talk about their trip. I know, I know, I would never have believed it myself if the July 1974 issue of Rock and Soul Songs hadn't carried this amazing piece with the photographic evidence.

But Rock and Soul Songs wanted to make one thing clear: they did not sing. They only ever did that at West Side High.


  1. Michael's wearing the sweater vest he wore in "Blame It On the Boogie" video. I'm always amazed by that. No wonder it seemed so small on him!

  2. You have an amazing eye, Mary! I never even noticed that, but you're right. He must have loved that vest.

  3. Someone took good care to wash it so the color didn't fade and the star was still shiny!