Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Marlon's Own Little Corner of the Sky

I've always felt "Corner of the Sky" was an underrated Jackson 5 single. Sure, it's kind of a corny Broadway song, but I love the way they trade leads. And it was the first J5 single where Marlon got his own line.

Here they are performing it on Soul Train in November of 1972. Unfortunately, they only performed the first half of the song, but it does give us a taste of the great choreography. I'd love to see the whole song performed. And Marlon really milks his line for all it's worth!


  1. I agree with you about 'Corner of the Sky' J5C

    Marlon def. took his opportunity to stand out during his lead. I totally love it! I wish they could've perform the whole song. At the end is when the dancing really turns up!

  2. I know, Corey. I love the synchronized steps. It's sort of like their "Lookin through the Windows" choreography. And this video cuts it off even further. At the end on the original Soul Train, you got to see a bit more dancing.

  3. yeah I noticed that too!!

    at the very last two seconds, they start doing a dance very similiar to 'Dancing Machine'. I quite enjoyed it. You can tell they performed the whole song, Soul Train, just cut it off. :(

  4. What can I tell ya, his spirit certainly ran free with that song. We should make a list of all the songs Marlon has parts in, Feelin' Alright, I'll Be There "holdin' on", the end of Goin' Back to Indiana, and the hype man in Little Bitty Pretty One. And prob'ly the Mama I gotta dance (don't say no)--or whatever that title is. Any others? I always thought Marlon was the happiest Jackson. Always a great smile.

    To me Michael sounds like he's singing "Kwor-ner, instead of corner. Was this the beginning of his penchant for slightly mispronouncing lyrics- like "Annie are you woah-kay??" Do I need more to do so I won't obsess about this stuff all day? I think it's obvious that the answer to both questions is yes.

  5. I've noticed on a handful of their lip-synched TV performances, including this one, where one or more of the boys will start mouthing another one's lines! Kind of funny. In this one, look at Jermaine after his "thunderclouds have their lightnight" line, start to mouth Jackie's following lyric. :)

  6. Marlon sings on

    Feelin' Alright
    (intro) to Little Bitty Pretty One
    Mama Gotta Brand New Thing
    I'll Be There
    Goin' Back to Indiana
    It All Begins and Ends with Love
    Corner of the Sky

    any more?

  7. I don't think Marlon sang on the studio version of I'll Be There. I think that second background "holdin' on" was Michael.

    My favorite Marlon part is "So bring me some shoes with lots of soles!" in Up on the Housetop.

    It's sometimes hard to tell who's who with the background voices. I think I have credited a lot of Jermaine's background vocals to Jackie. After hearing Jermaine's later solo albums, I find his high-pitched background vocals sound a lot like Jackie, but I don't think it was Jackie singing on his records.

  8. Marlon also sang on "I Can't Quit Your Love" (the bridge/"ad-lib" part toward the end). Also the "You're Out!" part of "That's How Love Is." And of course on the Christmas Album. There's some more but those come to mind!