Tuesday, September 14, 2010

On the Road with Jackie

I bought an eBay lot a few months ago that included an interesting series of snapshots taken by someone who was obviously a fan of Jackie. Judging from Jackie's clothes, I'd say these were taken early in 1970. He's wearing a vest he wore a lot in the early days. In the first one, he's posing with an unidentified man (who looks official, even if anonymous).

And then things heat up a bit as the camera follows Jackie to his hotel room -- room 1229 to be exact.

Don't you wonder who was cut out of the picture?

The same lot had two snapshots taken on an airplane. I don't know if they were taken by the same person, or even at the same time. The first one is of the group's drummer, Johnny Jackson.

The second one shows Jermaine in the window seat (first class!), next to a kid about his age that I don't recognize. He looks kind of like Diana Ross's brother, Chico, but I can't imagine why he would be traveling with them, unless they were headed to their concert date in Detroit and he was along to visit family.

For some reason, everyone in this photo is wearing red socks. Maybe they were headed to Boston.


  1. I saw those when they were on ebay, I think.
    Great to see them again!
    The same seller also sold 2 pictures of Michael, but I think one of them looked more like Jermaine.
    Anyway, I'm glad to see they have a real great fan as a new owner.

  2. Maybe the socks are to do with those socks people wear on planes? To do with blood circulation or something? I've never been on a plane and I'm not sure if those socks were even common in the 70s but that's my guess lol.

    Those are some awesome candids.

  3. Love these photos! How cool. Jackie had a huge afro there, wow!. The one with Jermaine is excellent too.

  4. damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, look at all that leg room on the plane, and only two seats.

  5. That's first class, Anon. I was admiring their individual salt shakers and glass drinking glasses.

  6. J5C, that definitely looks like T-Boy Ross. He definitely hung out w/ the J5 in those early days...very evident in the Gordy vs. J5 football game some time around '70??