Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Interview with Michael in 1972

On August 20, 1972, the Los Angeles Times ran a feature story about 14-year-old Michael Jackson in order to promote the Jackson 5's upcoming concert at the Forum on August 26 [misidentified at the end of the article as being at the Hollywood Bowl]. Michael's ebullient spirit and love of music comes through strongly in his responses to Kathy Orloff's interview questions.

"What can you say about a wonderfully well-adjusted package of entertainment dynamite?" Read on...


  1. Love how the author couldn't spell Jermaine. Spelled it Germaine about a dozen times!

  2. Germaine was seen a lot in the early years, but you'd think by 1972, they'd have the knowledge that it's JERMAINE! lolol... Especially since Jermaine was the signature teen idol.

  3. Someone told me that Jermaine originally spelled his name that way but the spelling was changed soon after they went to Motown. Not sure that's true.

    I find it interesting that on the J5 Live at the Forum cd, the brothers almost always call Jackie "Jack," unless they're talking about him to the audience. In the Philadelphia concert in May 1970, Michael calls Tito "Toriano" whenever he talks about him.