Monday, June 7, 2010

Michael Monday: Meeting Fans

I'm always on the look out for amateur photographs snapped by fans because they sometimes provide great candid shots of the Jackson 5. Here are two photos from different sources that were obviously snapped on the same day in the spring of 1971.

The first I bought years ago on eBay, and it shows Michael posing with a shy young fan.

The second one, found online by Raisa, shows him with a young fan who's a bit more forward. Just as the photo was snapped, she turned to plant a big wet kiss on Michael's cheek. I love her sideways glance at the camera, and the little girl to Michael's right looks like she thinks she will get her turn next.

You may wonder why these young fans are even in Michael's hotel room to start with. I actually have more questions about this adult fan, who had her photo taken with Michael in his hotel room, even though he was already in his pajamas. It looks like she stormed in and wouldn't leave till they all looked through her J5 scrapbooks.


  1. I love the face of that little girl behind Michael in the second picture! :D

  2. Oh my! The pic of Michael and the girl, what a great smile he has. There's magic in this J5 items, and your blog brings them out to us!

  3. that little girl behind MJ looks soo excited! bless!