Monday, June 21, 2010

Michael Monday: Soul-Mate Kit

The Soul-Mate Kits were first advertised in early 1971 for mail-order purchase from the back of TcB! magazine, and later on the Jackson 5 product sleeve included with all their vinyl LPs. Unfortunately, I didn't send away for one* when I could have gotten it for $2.00, but over the years, I have been able to re-assemble Michael's complete kit by finding bits and pieces for sale from various sources. The original membership card and Soul-Mate letter were part of a 16 Magazine archive I bought years ago. The card is filled in for 16 editor, Nola Leone.

And here's what else you'd get, according to the exclamation-point-heavy ad:

1) Your own Michael Jackson Personal Soul-Mate Poem Poster! Written by Mike!

2) A giant (12 x 18!) Personal Soul-Mate Poster of Michael!

3) A portrait-size (5x7) signed photo of Michael!

4) Nine different wallet-size photos of Michael!

5) 65 (just count 'em!) Official Michael Jackson Soul-Mate letter seal stickers! All 65 have Michael's photo! Great for all your letters to Michael and the Jackson Five!

This was actually a pretty nice package of stuff. The only real disappointment was the heart stickers, which were cheaply made and not self-adhesive. They weren't even heart-shaped -- they were little squares that you'd have to pull apart and glue onto whatever surface you wanted to stick them on. And the letter from Michael was hardly "personal," seeing as how it was mass-produced, but even as a starry-eyed 13 year old I wouldn't have expected a personal, handwritten letter from one of the brothers. But everything else was nice, especially the posters, and the 5 x 7 portrait photo on heavy card stock.

Overall Fan Satisfaction:
(Jackson 4)


*For the record, I would have chosen Jermaine as my soul mate.


  1. i love the 5x7 picture.

  2. Me, too. It's my favorite thing in the whole set. (I have Jermaine's 5x7 as well, and it's nice, too.)

  3. OMG.... This is so cute....... <3

    Man, it's great that I found your blog.

    J5 forever!

  4. Sadly I had one of these but lost it in between moving housese with my Parents and travelling overseas. I am greedy all the J5 are my Soulmates.