Monday, June 14, 2010

Michael Monday: Michael and His Pet Attack Dog

Michael was a life-long animal lover, and even the family guard dogs became his cherished pets. In August 1972, the teen magazine Star! ran an interview with Michael about his family's latest acquistion, a German Shepherd named Heavy. (Star! always claimed that its interviews were the "word-for-word tape-recorded truth" but it's hard to believe that these are entirely Michael's words, although the sentiment probably was.)

In "Heavy: Lover or Killer?" Michael chats with Star! reporter Laurie Brannen about how the family's guard dogs were trained, why Heavy was probably destined to be a pet rather than a working dog, and why the Jackson family needed attack dogs in the first place.


  1. i like this. such intelligent answers from Michael. i like that quote about trying to make a gentle and sensitive guy join the army and placing a gun his hands. you can tell simply by statements like this how Michael would grow up to become such a great humanitarian, full of knowledge and wisdom, so caring.

  2. That bit stood out to me, too, Justin.

  3. I was linked to your blog last week & I'm a addicted to it! You have a lot of nice & rare trivia here that I find refreshing! I wonder what ever happened to heavy, do you know?