Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mischievous Marlon

Many years ago, I bought an autographed copy of Maybe Tomorrow. The dealer's ad indicated that it had only been signed by Michael, Jackie, and Tito, the three brothers pictured on the front of the gatefold sleeve. (Jermaine and Marlon's pictures appeared on the back of the album.) While I was disappointed that it wasn't signed by all five brothers, early autographs are hard to come by, especially with both first and last names included in the signatures. So I bought it anyway.

I got a surprise when the LP arrived in the mail, and I opened it up to find that Marlon had, indeed, signed it on the inside of the gatefold sleeve.

And then I got another surprise: Marlon had not only signed it, but it appears that he also he had drawn a mustache on Michael. I assume it was Marlon's work because it was done with the same pen and Marlon is the only one who opened the LP to sign, -- besides what fan would draw a mustache on Michael? It looks like he had also started to draw horns on Jackie but was apparently interrupted since Jackie only got one completed horn on the right side of his head and a mere squiggle on the left side. I wonder if the album was snatched out of Marlon's hands before he could do more damage.

Maybe if Marlon hadn't spent time enhancing his brothers' photographs, Jermaine would have gotten a chance to add his signature. All things being equal, I guess I'd rather have the mustache and horn.


  1. Fabulous!! LOL!

  2. Hehe, this is hilarious. Michievous Marlon indeed. Thanks for sharing. ;)