Friday, August 13, 2010

Fashion Friday: Tito's Hats

I recently came across this new product line for Tito Jackson's Signature hats, and it made me think back to the early days of the Jackson 5 when Tito became known as "the brother with the hat" because in early pictures he was rarely seen without one. Hats were, indeed, his signature, especially the apple cap he wore on the cover of the first two Jackson 5 LPs.

Even his baby picture showed him wearing a hat.

He wore hats in concert...

...playing basketball... the Watts Christmas Parade... Hawaii...

...and when he was just hanging out at home with his brothers.

Even his gratitude wore a hat.

Today, Tito still wears a hat, but his style has changed a little bit and he wears a classic black bowler hat he calls "The Toriano."



  1. LOL, that made me smile :D
    'even as a baby' :D
    Nice ending too! Since you're a librarian and you love books, have you ever thought about becoming a writer yourself?

    When I first saw the ed sullivan performance on youtube, I thought 'the guy with the hat and the guitare' was the cutest!

  2. Raisa, I don't remember Jermaine wearing a hat on Ed Sullivan :)

  3. LOL, I was talking about Tito, you know that!

    1. Johnny their drummer wore hats also

  4. HEY, don't forget Tito wore the hat on the J5 cartoon!!!!

  5. lol I totally love this! There was a period when Jermaine tried to start the trend of wearing hats, but that didn't work out :(

  6. And Michael did it before both of them. When they were still back in Gary, he wore that black bowler hat you see in the early Motown photos (and Jackie carried a cane - a trend BoysIIMen picked up later). I guess Motown decided they wanted Tito to have the defining accessory.

  7. Jackie carried a cane? Really? I never noticed that!

  8. So, you don't like the J5 cartoon?

  9. I think they wanted the boys to all have distinctive personalities. That's why they probably used a lot of Tito's low singing. He was sorta looked at as the 'Melvin from the Temptations' perhaps.

  10. Anon, I do like the cartoon, but the question of who wore the cap in the cartoon deserves its own blog post. So watch for it!