Monday, August 9, 2010

Michael Monday: A Star Is Born

I love this series of photos of young Michael in an early recording session.

We can identify these as being from one of the early Bobby Taylor sessions in Detroit because of this photo of Bobby with Michael, Jackie, and Jermaine.

Whatever they were recording here, Jermaine found it amusing.


  1. Michael must be standing on something in these photos cuz he looks too tall for 69 in these photos. He must hae been too short to reach the mike. Also I'm surprised of how much hair they have here, cuz in most of the early photos. Everyone except Jackie had short hair.

  2. The mike could've been lowered for Michael, right?

  3. Beautiful, beautiful. I'm 10 again, looking at new, fresh J5 pics! What a fun smile he has, I guess everything was so new.

  4. I know, Anon. In that last solo shot, Michael looks so thrilled by what he's hearing. It must have been quite a rush for him to find himself working with professional musicians and producers.