Wednesday, August 4, 2010

That's More Like It

Jessie at Universal Motown sent us a jpg of the actual cover art for the new Jackson 5 box set, coming out this fall. Long-time readers of this blog will remember we discussed this a while back, when an incorrect cover mysteriously started making the rounds.

It's a great photo, and one I hadn't seen before from this particular session.


  1. Love Michael in his hat, and Jermaine in his wig. Box set? With booklet? Extensive liner notes? Will this also be released in vinyl? I betta start savin' up

  2. This is very nice. I do wonder why they put 'Dancing Machine' as the last album. It was already released this year with the other later albums. I think Maybe Tomorrow should be in its place (since that album hasn't been remastered since 2001) and there is a difference between the 2fer-1 albums and the current 2010 single disc remasters

  3. Yeah, that's much better.

    I really wonder how that other cover started making the rounds...

  4. Anon: even bigger question -- any bonus tracks?

    Corey, I'm guessing they went with the four best-selling albums.

    Myself, I'd like to have seen the Christmas Album as the 4th. Then that would have been all the 1969-70 LPs.

  5. Honestly, everytime a new album/compilation comes out, it has a photo or two that were never seen before or rare. But then when you open all the latest books released, they all have the same old photos! not that I don't like them but I'm curious to know how many unseen or rare J5 pics are remaining...
    Bonus tracks would indeed be good.
    Great cover! Thanks and welcome back J5 Collector.

  6. here's one that got away!

  7. Justin, isn't that cd the Steeltown-era songs? they use a lot of anachronistic photos!

  8. nope. it has a Motown tracklisting.

    The Love You Save
    Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing
    Lookin Through The Windows
    Don't Let Your Baby Catch You
    I Can Only Give You Love
    Little Bitty Pretty One
    Zip A Dee Doo Dah
    Ready Or Not Here I Come
    E Ne Me Ne Mi Ne Mo
    If I Have To Move A Mountain
    Don't Want To See Tomorrow
    Children Of The Light
    Doctor My Eyes
    My Cherie Amour

  9. So I just bought that compilation, and I was.. a bit disappointed because the boxset is a sort of cardboard one, there's no booklets or any other photos, rare or not, and the albums are all in cardboard sleeves folders, with only the front photo of the cover printed on it. There's only the tracks listings on the back. And that's it! nothing else. (Although I have the feeling that some of the songs are in a little longer versions but someone with a better ear should maybe correct me on that).

    Anyway, here's a link with photos back and front of the boxset.