Sunday, August 22, 2010

What Is Wrong with This Picture?

1) The graphic artist forgot to white out Jackie's missing tooth.

2) Icon -- singular? Really? I see five in this picture.

3) The track listing... yawn....

4) They didn't stop at one:

They are apparently so bored themselves with the track listing, they can't bear to list them. But let's take a wild guess. Let's see... "Rockin' Robin," "Ben," "Daddy's Home," "Dancing Machine" ... zzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. ahhhh, but I can't help but want any CD with the Mighty Mighty Jackson 5 on its cover , I'm always jazzed by the packaging-tho I'd probly never play 'em. Tito was smarter, he just never did an open-mouth smile until Motown fixed their teeth.

  2. I'd probably take a good look at these cds only to see if they're worth having for the pictures, because obviously, they're not very interesting track listing wise.
    But sooner or later you're bound to find the pics on the net anyway.

  3. I hate when they list them as Michael Jackson AND The Jackson 5!!!!


    In this timeline there is a couple pictures of the J5 with Jackie and Tito with their teeth not airbrushed in