Friday, August 20, 2010

Interviewing Michael: "I just tell the truth"

Here's a cute picture of Michael being interviewed by Lisa Robinson at his home in 1972. See that little portable tape recorder Lisa is holding? That means there was an audio record of this interview. And guess what? The tape is still in Lisa's possession. She also saved tapes from later interviews she did with Michael, and she interviewed him a lot.

I didn't know that tapes still existed until one of readers (thanks, Dannie!) sent me a link to this YouTube video where you can hear Lisa talking about what it was like to interview Michael through the years. She includes snippets of the actual interviews throughout her ten-minute monologue. And you can find more from her about her interviews in this article that she published last year in Vanity Fair.


  1. I found those interview to be very informative.

    I love how he refers to 'We're Almost There' as 'One More Step' on the second portion of the interview in Feb 75.

    I think Michael thought of 'Forever, Michael' as his favorite because at the time it seemed that he loved ballads way more than funk songs. It's my second favorite album behind Got to Be There

  2. Great video and article!
    Thanks J5c and Dannie:D

  3. I'm glad I could find something you didn't know existed J5Collector! I really enjoyed listening to these interviews too. On the VF page, the video was actually showing Lisa talking and reminiscing about her years interviewing michael. It was a great find, I don't why the vid doesn't work on VF's page anymore (or is it now?), but it was great to find it on youtube!
    anyway, glad you enjoyed it. :D
    Nadine (Dannie)

  4. This is a great find! MJ tellin' it like it is when referring to The Osmonds copying the J5 style! I Love It!