Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Darlin' Marlon

Here's another contact sheet from the TcB! archives, showing portrait shots of adorable Marlon at about age 14. Most of these pictures found their way into pin-ups and solo shots printed in TcB! or Right On! magazine in 1971. Even one of the ones where he's making the funny face found its way into TcB!

I'm always interested in seeing the shots from famous poses that didn't make the cut. Seeing these leads me to conclude that Marlon may have been the most photogenic brother. He even looks good in the shots where he has his eyes closed.


  1. Marlon is soo cute and sooo funny!!
    I liking like expression of 10A, 11A, and 12A especially as for any shot.
    I love Marlon~❤❤

  2. Yeah he does, and I never really took much notice of him. He has his biggest part ever in Little Bitty Pretty One, doesn't he do all the talking in the middle? Is that on video anywhere?

  3. I'll have to listen to it. I always thought that was Jermaine in the spoken word part. but it might be Tito. Marlon's first lead vocals were in Corner of the Sky. ("I have to be where my spirit can run free.")

  4. That is Marlon on the spoken part of 'Little Bitty Pretty One'. It sounds just like his speaking voice on the 72 forum concert. Marlon had a pretty raspy voice at that time and it shows on the single.