Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wannabe Week: The DeFranco Family

The DeFranco Family was comprised of five siblings from Ontario, Canada, fronted by 13-year-old Tony DeFranco, the youngest member of the group. The DeFrancos had an interesting path to fame: rather than laboring for years in the industry as the Jacksons, Osmonds, and Sylvers did, they simply cut to the chase and sent their demo (and photos, I'm sure) directly to George Laufer, the publisher of Tiger Beat magazine. Laufer was so impressed with their marketability singing talent that he arranged for them to sign with Capitol Records, where they released their first hit single "Heartbeat, It's a Love Beat." [Warning: this song contains one of the most painful and persistent ear worms ever. If you listen to it now, you will be hearing it your head next week.]

Tony was the clear star of the group, and his face dominated the covers of Tiger Beat magazine for the next two years until Laufer told the family he was only interested in working with Tony and no longer wanted the other four siblings. To their credit, the family refused to let him drop the other kids: it was all or nothing. Laufer chose nothing, and that was the end of the DeFranco Family's singing career.

Tomorrow: The Finger 5


  1. Never got into The Defranco's...

    Who's tomorrows "wannabe's"?

  2. Finger 5 tomorrow, ER. Ever hear of them?

  3. One of my friends was once taking the same flight as the DeFrancos, but he didn't know who they were. He only knew they were supposedly famous because they kept grabbing kids in the gate area, forcing autographed photos into their hands. They gave one to Pete, but he tossed it on the way out of the airport.

  4. Yep, tried to make another teen sensation, but it's a lot harder than it sounds. Unless you're Bobby Sherman.

  5. Never heard of Finger 5...can't wait until tomorrow!

  6. I love the Defranco family
    since 1972 to all the years
    to come and I am still love
    them they are a gorgus singing
    family and Tony Defranco is a
    gorgus lead singer and also
    my almost my twin brother and
    I am happy that he is and he
    sings better than the Jackson 5
    I Love Tony defranco 4-ever
    Jeannine Regis

    1. Wow. Either you're a troll or a complete idiot. The Defranso family downright sucks. They once grabbed kids and force them to take autograph pictures. They're lame, and they're clearly wannabes. Did that stupid selfish Tony ended up growing into the "King of Pop"? No, that was Michael.

      Your facts are invalid. What are you doing on this blog anyways, you moron. This blog was meant for J5 fans, not for ignorant c***s like you to give your sickening opinion. You're worst than an Osmond fan. The Jackson 5 will be forever better than the wannabe Defransos. Do the world a favor: Go to hell, Jeannine Regis. Jackson 5 all the way!