Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm Moving!

I'm moving to a new house tomorrow, so that means I'll be living out of boxes for the next few days and may not be able to post on a regular basis. (That's a gigantic cardboard poster of Michael and a Soulsation! promo hat there to the left, in a storage bin.) But we've got a great new Song of the Week column from Corey coming up for Saturday, and some new interviews in store, so stay tuned.

Here's my complete J5 Collection all boxed up, ready to move to the new house, where I will have an entire room devoted to The Five.

I'll post a picture of the J5 Room once I have everything unpacked.


  1. Moving is never easy but I see you look pretty organised.

    Good luck, KT!

  2. OOOOOH MAN! OOOOOHHH MAN!!! Soulsation hat- posters, lps, sleeves, boks, promo toys, CDs, programs, stickers, gum cards, photos, film, I can just imagine. being a lucky spider that got packed up in one of those boxes. Best of luck on a nice low-stress move. I hope ya don't get a Moving Violation.

  3. Wow you have a huge collection!! you have any rare performances?

  4. haha i have that CD edition of DRPTJ5.
    i can't wait to see all your pictures. i have imagined what treasures you must have - for years! here's to an easy non-stressful move and bless your new home.

  5. geez you could very well put up a little museum by yourself couldn't you?

    Impressive collection indeed, but I had an idea you would.

    And ... good luck on the move! :D

  6. Good luck with the moving!
    Can't wait to see that J5 room, must be amazing.
    Regards from Mexico.