Friday, July 23, 2010

Seeing Jermaine and Randy in D.C.

Here's a funny blog post by a woman who ran into Jermaine and Randy at a restaurant in Washington, D.C.

Back in town and with the Jacksons

Why doesn't this sort of random encounter happen to me? The only brush with fame I had on my last trip was with Connie Chung and Maury Povich, who were staying in the same hotel as me. And I didn't even see them -- my sister and her husband shared an elevator with them.


  1. *laughs*
    I understand your feelings.

    I was quite miffed too some years ago when a young friend of mine who was just discovering Michael Jackson (I think she was about 16 at the time) had the incredible chance to be invited by Jermaine in his swiss house in Geneva. she had photos to prove it too, because I seriously doubt her when she told me afterwards. She even had photos from the Jacksons and their parents on one of their geneva visit too.
    Some people have all the luck. hee. Although, would that happen to me, I would be stone frozen anyway. *shrugs*

  2. I actually have no particular desire to meet any member of the Jackson family, but I would love a chance encounter with Jermaine and Randy in a restaurant.

    I ran into Boys 2 Men at the Motown Cafe in NYC many years ago. And I once walked past Puffy standing in front of a New York hotel, waiting for his limo to drive up. It's fun when you get surprises like that.

  3. well, when I went to see michael in Paris in 1992, Siedah Gareth was in the TGV(train) I took, and I was actually in the restaurant wagon at the same time as she was, spying and listening to her while a controller was actually talking to her. This is how I learned that she had missed the 'caravan' with Michael and the others after leaving geneva and thus had to take the train all alone to join them in Paris.
    I was so impressed and paralysed I didn't even dare go to her and ask for her autograph.
    And the side of me who respect the artists told me not to go bother her (as there was already the controller doing it quite thoroughfully) anymore than she already was!

    I did took one or two pictures of her from afar at the station when she was waiting for her taxi. She wore a slime green ensemble suit that was very pretty.

    I never scanned these pics (I must have one or two) but if you're interested in them, I'll do and send them to you (if you give me your email).
    They're not quite extraordinary but, just ask if you want them.

    I admit, I think I would have loved meeting michael and spending some time in his ranch like so many children did. I think I might like meeting Jackie too. (I've always had a fondness for him.)