Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Most Wanted: Jackie's Motown Single

Yes, you read that right. You knew that Jackie had a solo album on the Motown label that was released in 1973, but there weren't any singles pulled for it. I have a DJ copy of the album that shows what singles might have been considered for release, as they suggest three album tracks for radio airplay: "Love Don't Want to Leave," "Do I Owe," and "You're the Only One." But in spite of the suggestions, the songs didn't get much, if any, airplay, and Jackie didn't have any Motown solo single releases.

Thanks to You labelSo imagine my surprise when I got a photocopy of a label from a collector in Spain for a single that was issued in Brazil. It was released on the Motown Tapecar label, catalogue number CS-872. The A-side is "Thanks to You" and the B-side is "You're the Only One." I've been looking for this single for more than 20 years now, with not even a hint that there is a second copy in existence somewhere. At least I have the photocopied evidence that it exists!

And, you know, whenever I listen to Jacki's LP, I think the Brazilians may have had it right. "Thanks to You" is one of the strongest songs on the album, and it was a good choice for Jackie's naturally high-pitched voice, unlike his ghastly cover of the Delfonics hit, "Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time?)," which pales in comparison to the original. The best song on the album, however, is "Do I Owe," which has such strong backing vocals by the brothers that it could have easily been included on a Jackson 5 LP. And it might have helped Jackie launch his solo career if fans had had a chance to hear an occasional lead from him on the group albums. But I suppose when you're competing against Michael and Jermaine for lead vocals it would be hard to get any air time.


  1. My fav was "Love Dont Want To Leave". Mike and Jermaine can be heard singing background vocals. Kind of reminds me of "That's How Love Goes"

  2. Jackie competing against Michael and Jermaine for lead vocals was like George having to compete with John and Paul. Yeh, definitelty they should've had Jackie do one lead on every J5 album. And I agree, Thanks to you SHOULD'VE been "it". My fave is Do I owe, it has a 6/8 beat, not heard a lot at the time, a lot of happy peaks in it. The picture of Jackie kinda looks like he's a deity in a groovy church. Thanks for sharing your collection!

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  3. i love Jackie's album