Friday, July 16, 2010

J5 Fashion Friday: Hair and Make Up

Most of the photos we have of the Jackson 5 show them posing in very carefully planned photo sessions, but we rarely get a look of the Five behind the scenes, making themselves beautiful for their close ups. Here are some rare shots of Michael, Marlon and Jermaine getting ready for photos shoots.

First up is Michael, getting his make up applied, followed by a captioned photo that makes it seems as if he is seeing make up for the first time in his life.

Next is Marlon, being helped into his snakeskin suit for the African-inspired suits the brothers posed in in 1970.

Here's Marlon having his make up applied. If you look behind him, you'll see a rack of shirts for the brothers to change into during the course of the photo session.

Marlon's ready to go but Papa Joe has to put a few finishing touches on his hair.

Jermaine puts on his own finishing touches...

...and admires himself in the mirror.

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  1. I love the first photo of Michael! And Marlon, what a photogenic cutie!