Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Tour Schedule

I alluded to the Jackson 5's Holiday Tour Schedule in an earlier post that linked to a page from the December 31, 1970, issue of Jet magazine. Six dates and cities were listed there, compliments of the Soul Brothers Top Twenty.

I've never found much at all about this brief winter tour through the South, but this week, I'll be searching for any and all details, and posting what I find here. Don't get your hopes up -- it may not be much. I'd love to find a review from at least one of the concerts, though, because I'm curious as to what the J5's shows were like at the tail-end of their most glorious year. I'll keep looking.


  1. Someone just posted the Florida concert on youtube, the last person that did they left out footage to "I Want you Back" and "ABC".

  2. thanks for the tip, Anon. I have been trying to verify the concert that the footage was taken from.

  3. I HATE how they cut from the beginning of the song, to like the middle, cause when i heard IWYB they were in the middle and cut straight to the end!