Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Original Version of Big Boy Surfaces

There's breaking news today on the original recording of "Big Boy" from today's Chicago Reader. According to Larry Blasingaine, who played bass on the original studio version, the song was originally recorded,not at Steeltown but at Chicago's One-derful studio in July of 1967, six months before it was re-recorded for Steeltown. And, on the original, the Jackson 5 sing backing vocals, so the recording has a more authentic Jackson 5 style. The story is intriguing and, best of all, you can hear a clip of the original. I just hope they release the whole thing some day soon.


  1. So far I like this version better than the Steeltown version. I love when a record company does an awesome job of preserving their archives, it sounds like it was recorded this afternoon. Thanks for the alert.

  2. I really hope we get to hear the whole song soon!

    And, while we're on the subject, it seems like every discovery shows Gordon Keith doing less and less!

  3. The studio needs a better archivist though if they kept overlooking it! :)

  4. Oh, this is great!!!
    I like this version better too. Sounds much clearer to me and the background vocals who really come in at the end of this clip are really nice.

    ... Let's play it again!...

  5. That's absolutely gigantic. The very best christmas present ever. There's absolutely no compare between the two versions, that's an amazing find. If only there was a whole album of it! and the quality is.. wow.
    Thank you very very much and very happy holidays to all!