Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rings and Crazy Hats

Jermaine's birthday is just around the corner. If you haven't done your shopping for him yet, you may want to check out 16's "All-Star Birthday and Gift Guide" from their January 1971 issue.

I never understood why the teen magazines included clothing sizes in these gift guides. Did anyone ever actually send Jermaine socks?


  1. They probably did send him socks and a whole lot more, don't underestimate us girls now. Heck, I even remember that Donny Osmond loved purple socks & I didn't want to marry him, I DID want to marry Jermaine. LOOOL!!! Heck, I'm 'bout to send him some socks nRight NOW!! LOOOL!!!

  2. Jermaine looks so, so young in that picture, but maybe it's just because he appears on the same page as Jonathan Frid. Why was he was ever included in the teen magazines of the time? He was so creepy looking, even when he wasn't wearing his vampire fangs.