Thursday, January 20, 2011

1975 J5 Tour Shirt

Michael is showing us the only J5-era t-shirt I have in my collection that I know to be authentic. It has all the hallmarks of a vintage shirt: cheap material, small size, 50/50 fabric blend, and an image that shows signs of age through fading.

I bought this shirt from a dealer many years ago in the pre-eBay days, thinking it was a promo t-shirt for the LP Dancing Machine. I know that there's a Get It Together promo tee floating around out there, but I've been outbid both times I've seen one come up for auction.

When I got this t-shirt in the mail. I got a surprise. The dealer hadn't mentioned the printing on the back of the shirt.

Whoah! Not only had I acquired a rare Jackson 5 tour t-shirt, I had also acquired the knowledge that the J5 had had a Fall 1975 tour -- or at least one had been planned. The same year, in June, the Jackson 5 had announced they were leaving Motown for CBC when their contract ran out in March 1976. I'm not sure if this shirt was made before or after that announcement. Empire Productions provides a clue.

Perhaps it was created to be sold on a tour that never happened. If that's true, that would make this t-shirt rarer yet.


  1. Wow! What an amazing shirt you've aquired there! Congratulations!


    the J5 were definitely on tour that fall! i've found references - either ticket stubs or news articles for each of these stops.

    01/09/1975 - Mount Vernon, New York
    September 1975 - Circle Star Theatre - San Carlos, California
    October 1975 - Saginaw, MI
    November 1975 - Cleveland, Ohio