Sunday, January 23, 2011

They're Comin' Back to Indiana!

The first one to break the news that the Jackson 5 were returning to Gary was Bill Passmore, in his Defender column, "East Chicago On the Go." He predicted (rightly) that the Jackson 5 would have to schedule two shows to accommodate all who wanted to attend.

He followed up two weeks later with the news that tickets had gone on sale and were selling briskly, but there was still time to show your support for Mayor Hatcher. OK?

There were apparently still tickets available a week before the concert, so he noted the appearance again. This time, he made it personal.

If you lived in East Chicago in 1971 and you missed the Jackson 5 concert in Gary, don't blame Bill Passmore.


  1. Thank you for those great newspaper clippings! I appreciate reading them. :)