Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who Were the Keepers of the Dream?

This photo of a "Welcome Home Jackson 5" sign posted in front of 2300 Jackson Street in January 1971 has been widely seen by fans over the years. It's led many people to believe -- understandably -- that the Jackson 5 had been dubbed "Keepers of the Dream" by their hometown.

A clipping from the Gary Crusader dated January 30, 1971, however, tells us that "The Keepers of the Dream" were high school students in Gary who had formed an organization "dedicated to the realization of the goals of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr."

Some former group member probably has that sign in his garage somewhere in Gary. I wonder what happened to their J5 plaque that you see in the foreground.


  1. loving these clippings J5C great work.


  2. It is A-mazing, you keep posting all these little articles that make the whole story 'come to live'!

    Great work, indeed!