Sunday, January 2, 2011

Snapshots from the Holiday Tour

Based on evidence I've come across in my research on the Holiday Tour, I can now confirm that these snapshots were taken during the last week in December 1970 while the Jackson 5 were on tour through the South.

These photos were purchased as part of a collection that had belonged to a young fan named Millicent who lived in Nashville. (I believe Millicent is the girl kissing Michael in the second photo.) Although the date tag says May 1971, this refers to the date the picture was developed, not when it was taken.

A rare photo of Joe on tour:

In these photos all five brothers are wearing the same clothes they wore during the Jacksonville sound check from the ABC-News raw footage.

In the next photo, you can see in the mirror behind Tito the reflection of a girl holding the J5's first tour program. She's probably waiting in line for Jermaine's autograph.

One point these photos and the ABC News footage drive home is how much time the Jackson brothers sat around, bored out of their minds, waiting for the next thing to happen.

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