Saturday, January 15, 2011

TcB! More! More! More!

And there was more.


And still more.

But that's all for now, J5 fans. Hope you had fun!


  1. This is special beyond measure, these last few days of you posting pages and posters from TcB! Thank you so much. I was 3 when this came out and even though I was hyper-conscious of the Jackson 5ive, magazines were not yet of interest. This magazine is amazing not just for the groups photos and stories, but it's a showcase of how Berry Gordy was thinking business-wise and that he knew this was entirely necessary for the promotion of his group. The mainstream media would-NOT do this for them so he knew he had to do it for himself and he did a stunning job.

  2. we need re-releases of tcb-now! this is my tresure also. HARD hitting magazine. we got to speak with motown and conde nast now! I WANT MY TCB!!!!!!!!!!!1!1