Thursday, May 6, 2010

ABC Test Pressing and Color Vinyl Promo

Two of the most collectible items from the Jackson 5 are these two 45s. The first is a test pressing I found on eBay a while back. Note that the timing strip says 2:00 when the original single version almost a full minute longer. As soon as I get a turntable that works, I am going to have to play this one to see what it is. Perhaps it's a version we've never heard.

The second item is the color vinyl promo for "ABC." Motown had originally sent out one of their standard white label promos, but sent this one out with a printed sleeve 12 days later to give it an added push. You occasionally see the gold vinyl promo for sale, but it rarely includes the printed sleeve. When it does, it goes for a bundle. I was lucky to get the vinyl 45 with the sleeve from a dealer about 20 years ago for $50.

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