Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fan Club Letter Announcing Early Tour Dates

In the Jackson 5's early days, the first few tour dates were promoted directly to fans through the Motown Fan Clubs:

Hi There!

We would like to tell you personally that we are appearing in our first live concerts next week. We will be at the Cow Palace in San Francisco on Friday, June 19 and the Los Angeles Forum on Saturday, June 20.

We just wanted to let you know and hope that we will be able to see you at one of our concerts. We also wanted to personally thank you for all your wonderful letters.

The Jackson 5

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  1. --Just thought of something... I was always proud that the J5 choose SF above anywhere else to perform FIRST BIG CONCERT! Yessir, this City is special, the city is magical! ---Now I realize they booked this show as a warm up for the waaaay more important L.A. show. To get any last kinks out.

    But SF DID invent IT'S IT ice cream sandwich and fourtune cookies. (the pride is still there)