Saturday, May 15, 2010

Track Listing Announced

I am still on the road but had to pop in with some breaking news about the upcoming Live at the Forum double-cd that is scheduled for release on June 22. It will include two full-length Jackson 5 concerts, both recorded at the Los Angeles Forum, one in 1970 and one in 1972. At the left you see the J5 promoting the 1970 concert at the Forum with Elgin Baylor (better known for his professional basketball career than he was for his brief stint as a concert promoter).

My friend Justin has just sent me the track listing for the cds:

Disc 1 – June 20, 1970
1. Introduction
2. I Want You Back
3. Feelin' Alright
4. Who's Lovin' You
5. Walk On
6. Don't Know Why I Love You
7. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
8. ABC
9. It's Your Thing
10. I Found That Girl
11. There Was A Time
12. Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin
13. The Love You Save

Bonus Track
14. Mama's Pearl - May 29, 1971 - Live from Indianapolis

Disc 2 – August 26, 1972
1. Brand New Thing
2. Medley: I Want You Back/ABC/Mama's Pearl
3. Sugar Daddy
4. I'll Be There
5. Introduction by Michael
6. Goin' Back to Indiana/Brand New Thing/Goin' Back to Indiana
7. Bridge Over Troubled Water
8. I Found That Girl
9. I'm So Happy
10. Lookin' Through The Windows
11. Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing
12. Introduction by Jackie
13. Ben
14. Rockin' Robin
15. Got To Be There
16. You've Got A Friend
17. Ain't No Sunshine
18. I Wanna Be Where You Are
19. Introduction by Jermaine
20. That's How Love Goes
21. Never Can Say Goodbye
22. Walk On
23. The Love You Save

Bonus Track
24. I Wanna Be Where You Are - September 1972 - Live from Chicago - from Save The Children

It looks great! Now all we have to do is wait. And wait.


  1. In looking at this track list, I'm wondering if there is an error in the first song listed on the second disc. Why would they sing "Brand New Thing" twice, and to open their program? They usually performed "We're Going to Have a Good Time" to open their 1972 concerts. Both songs were original compositions, so, if it is "Brand New Thing" maybe it's a variant of the version they used to introduce Randy later in the show.

  2. Elgin Baylor and the J5, NBA and Music Greats.

    He's appear on their GBTI special

  3. Hey, LK! Nice to see you here.

    That's right -- Elgin was on the original Dream Team.

  4. From the 1970 concert, I am especially looking forward to hearing "Don't Know Why I Love You." I didn't know that they ever performed it live -- it must have been dropped from their repertoire later in 1970, probably replaced with "I'll Be There."

  5. i'm looking forward to hearing the live renditions of Ain't No Sunshine and You've Got A Friend..

  6. Me, too, Justin! Also Sugar Daddy. And we'll have two versions of I Found That Girl.

  7. Definitely loved MJ's "Ain't No Sunshine"! Too much soul for a 13 year old! Wow!

  8. Isn't that an amazing cut? I love the brothers' backing vocals on it, too.