Thursday, May 20, 2010

Love' s Gone Bad / I Hear a Symphony

One of the rarest Jackson 5 45s from Motown is this 1986 promo-only release from Canada of "Love's Gone Bad" backed with "I Hear a Symphony." It was issued to promote Looking Back to Yesterday: Never Before Released Masters, an LP credited only to Michael even though half the songs were Jackson 5 songs. Interestingly, the 45 lists "Love's Gone Bad" as a solo song by Michael, and "I Hear a Symphony" as a Jackson 5 song, and on the LP the credits are reversed. In actuality, both were recorded by the Jackson 5.

The A-side was originally recorded in 1972, and appeared on the 1979 LP Boogie, and the B-side was recorded in 1970, and also appeared in 1986 on the Jackson 5's second Anthology album.

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