Monday, May 3, 2010

Michael Monday: Soul Cover, August 10, 1970

In the early years, no publication covered the Jackson 5 like Soul, a weekly newspaper devoted to Black music that was published in Los Angeles, kind of the Black version of Rolling Stone. Soul quickly recognized the talent and the importance of the Jackson 5, as well as and from 1970-72 so many pages (and covers) were devoted to the Jackson 5 that readers regularly wrote in, asking the editors to please give some other stars a chance.

In July and August of 1970, each Jackson brother had his own cover story in Soul. Later, all of the profiles and pictures were compiled in a special J5 Extra edition of Soul.

Michael's cover story appeared in the August 10 issue. It's filled with rare photos and interesting tidbits, including a mini photo-drama about finding and capturing a snake while on the ABC photoshoot, with the assistance of Motown singer, Chris Clark. It gives an interesting portrait of Michael as a child and as a performer. Here it is, in all its glory. [click on thumbnails for larger images]

Want more Soul? Download the fabulous eBook SOUL Remembers the Jackson 5, with reprinted articles from 21 issues published during the J5's heyday.

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