Sunday, May 23, 2010

Working Their Way up the Ladder

As a long-time fan, I love nothing better than to come across a Jackson 5 photo I've never seen before. My friend Raisa sent me this one, taken in the J5's early days at Motown, probably in the summer or early fall of 1969. Their clothes are familiar, but they usually wore matching vests with this outfit. And can you believe that they found lime green patent leather boots to match?


  1. These stories and pics are wonderful, thank you for sharing them with all us, fans like you are the ones who let the others meet the Jackson family more deeply :)

  2. Sad times for us Jakson 5 fans indeed. Just because MJ is not longer with us doesn't mean he and the rest of the J5 are not in our thoughts.

  3. I can't believe they found the boots to match in Michael's and Marlon's size as well. Amazing...